Innovation is More Than Just Technology

One of the most important concerns in producing video media is the perspective in which the video takes place.

Last night I watched a fascinating film; a 1947 adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s Lady In The Lake. What made it so immediately interesting was not the story, though it is a good one (but one I’ve read before), but rather the director’s choice of perspective. The director, Robert Montgomery (who also stars in the leading role as Philip Marlow) chooses to put the viewer in the shoes of Marlow for the entire film. This achieves the effect that you, the viewer, are solving the mystery for yourself.

It’s really weird that anybody in 1947 would choose to do something so avant-garde; not only because it was (and really still is) a very unorthodox style of storytelling, but also because of the technical hurdles inherent in simulating a first-person perspective using the available camera and editing technology at the time. Some of the tracking, panning, rotations, and compositions are really groundbreaking, considering they were filmed like this.

Innovation and coming up with creative ways to break ground using current technology is what we do here at DDA Video, so I’m really glad when I get to watch movies like this.  Like Robert Montgomery — Laurence, Jake, and the DDA Video crew are dependable sources for innovation, whatever your corporate or medical video needs are. Whether you need a direct, informative video spokesperson on your website, an energetic commercial to market your products, or an in-depth training video that includes detailed 3D animations of the most advanced medical technology in use for your medical students or employees, DDA will motivate, innovate, and create video that will knock your socks off!