Interfacin’: Microsoft’s Big E3 Announcement, and Proper Graphic Design

So E3 (The Electronics Entertainment Expo) kicked off in LA yesterday, and gaming related news is flowing out of there like a broken water main full of, um, water. Except instead of water, it’s game news.

I’m especially excited to hear about the Xbox 360 Dashboard update coming this fall. If you are an Xbox gamer, as I am, the 360 Dashboard is a place where you will spend a lot of time. Besides just playing games, the Xbox is a multimedia device that lets you listen to music, watch movies, and chat with friends. You can download and watch game videos, download free demos for new games coming out, and do all sorts of stuff that 10 years ago was unheard of outside of the PC gaming scene.

For a place that I spent so much time though, man was it poorly designed. The interface was cluttered, with panels and graphics in useless places, obscuring your view. With over 36% of the screen space going completely unused, the design was pretty abysmal, to say the least. The guys over at did an awesome article analyzing the screen space and laying it out more efficiently. Although Microsoft seems to be going a different route with it, I think that now they are on the right track.

The whole thing got me thinking about design, and how important it is to everyday experiences that we hardly think about. At DDA, we have top graphic designers like Carrie, Judy and Melissa, who understand and work with concepts like design efficiency and unused space. Proper design can make a website or interactive a thousand times easier to understand and come back to. If only Microsoft had asked us before designing its original dashboard! Don’t make the same mistake – get your next print brochure, website, or CD-ROM interactive designed by the pros at Dynamic Digital Advertising.