Juggling Boxes

For the last few months, I have been moving all over the place. First, I moved from West Philadelphia to Center City. Then I moved home to New Jersey, with my dad. Now, finally, I am back in Philly (Cheltenham, specifically) and (hopefully) settled.

At first, moving around was new, unique and fun. Every month I had a new setting, a new start. But it quickly became tedious to move all my things in boxes, unpack them, only to have to pack them back up again in a few short weeks. Just when I had started to settle, I had to move again.

A similarity can be drawn between that situation and my projects at DDA. I can never settle down on just one project; at DDA, I am always bouncing between 3D modeling and animation, Flash ActionScript coding, and Flash animation projects. Unlike moving, however, bouncing between all these different projects keeps things fresh, fun and exciting. Whereas living in one place and settling can be peaceful and relaxing, sticking to one project, for me, would become boring pretty fast. That’s why I’m glad DDA is so versatile in its projects — where else in the Philadelphia area can one guy do 3D animation, 2D animation, Flash coding and so much more?