Keeping Busy to Avoid Stress

Working under stress can be really difficult. Despite recently having found a good place to live that was close to work, affordable, and spacious, I still find myself under siege from various things in my personal life that just stress me out.

What do I do when the stress becomes too much and I just need to relax? Usually, I sit down with a beer and play a nice engaging video game (or, since it is the season, I watch some football). I tried to do both of these last night, but to no avail.

To play the game I wanted to play, I had to upgrade the RAM in my PC. Normally, my PC would have 2GB of RAM in it, which is just fine for all games. However,  recently the center RAM slot on my motherboard decided to short out. This happened when I was at my Dad’s house in New Jersey; I pulled the stick and left it there. My computer had two 512MB sticks and one 1GB stick; I pulled the 1GB so I wasn’t running an uneven 1.5GB of RAM. I left the stick there when I moved (d’oh!). So last night after work I tried to go get some more. First, I accidentally bought DDR2 when I should have gotten just regular DDR. So I had to drive all the way back down to the store and exchange it. Then, I got all the way home, opened it up, and put it in, only to realize that it was another 512MB stick … which I already had 2 of. Frustrated, I pulled the stick, put it back into the packaging as best as it would go, and plan to try and return it today.

After that frustrating adventure, I tried to watch football- – it was a good game, definitely — Eagles leading the Cowboys 30-26 at the half. However, after all the events of the day, I was exhausted, and ended up just falling asleep.

I guess it’s good — at least I got plenty of rest last night, which should leave me refreshed to work on DDA projects all day today. I have a 3D animation project I’ve been working on for the past month or so, and several things have come up in a Flash CD-ROM design project that I will need to go in and fix, so I should be able to keep busy. I forgot to mention the third thing that helps relieve stress for me — getting work done! And at Dynamic Digital Advertising, there’s always plenty of that to go around. Whether I’m working on Flash games for the web, 3D models or animation for clients in the medical industry, coding corporate training websites, or  any other number of things, DDA is the best place for me to keep my mind occupied.