Keeping it Small

With Flash applications, it is always a good idea to keep file size down. The whole purpose behind Flash’s original design was so that a user could run elaborate interactive applications or animations seamlessly over the web. With today’s high-speed Internet philosophy, however, file size is becoming less and less of an issue. We can make larger, more complex files that include video, embedded fonts and high-res images, and not have to worry as much about users missing out due to low bandwidth.

There are still advantages to keeping your file size down, however. The file will load faster and, in most cases, run much smoother when you have your items preloaded or dynamically called in by the file. Embedding high-res images can be cool when done right, but dynamic quality scaling is the way to go for speed. Keeping the file small also helps in games, where user input accuracy has as much to do with the game’s quality as high-res graphics.

As a Flash Animator at Dynamic Digital Advertising, I try to keep file size in mind at all times when working with Flash apps. It is a good habit to be in, since a lot of the time we are trying to keep the file smaller, to be accessible to as many users as possible. Sometimes, we have to break out the big guns and embed something, but if we can get away with making your Flash file run as quickly and as smoothly as possible, believe me, we’ll do it!