Keeping My PC Current

So I’m looking to upgrade my home PC soon, and I’m excited about the possibilities. I’ve been to some sites comparing prices, and I’ve seen some decent deals on dual and quad-core processors and their corresponding motherboards. The thing is, while I’m at it I keep getting excited about other upgrades I could make too.

With Nvidia’s new line of 200T video cards coming out in a few months,  the prices on the curren-gen cards have dropped dramatically. While $250 is still a big drop for a 9800GT, its not the $500 that they were when they first came out. I’d also need to get some DDR2 RAM, and probably add a new hard drive. Altogether I’m probably going to end up spending $600 – $750 on upgrades. At that point, why not just build a whole new PC?

But I kid. As I’ve said before, I do a bit of 3d modeling and animation in my spare time. I’d like to be able to get into real high-poly modeling and rendering for practice, and to do that efficiently you need a pretty decent computer with a heavy-duty video card. An upgraded computer will also enhance the performance of Flash, allowing me to make more complex animations especially with Flash CS4 on the way. Not to mention the games you can play on PC nowadays – I haven’t been a PC gamer really since 4 years ago when I first built this computer and it was top-of-the-line!  I definitely look forward to getting back into it – ooh Crysis, you’re so pretty!