Keeping on Task with Task Lists

Every morning when I get into work, the first thing I do is update my Task List. The Task List is a word document I keep which lists all of the 2D animation, 3D modeling, 3D animation and web and CD-ROM interactive projects I’m working on. They are sorted in order of priority, with the more pressing deadlines first and the projects we have more room to work with coming after. I also try to keep track of how many hours I have spent on each project, totaling it all up at the end for a quick glance at how much time I need to complete it all.

While it’s never totally done (we’re always getting new projects!) having a goal-oriented list like the Task List gives me something to work toward. Doing this makes it easy for us to see what we have left to do; all I need to do is open my task list, and there’s work waiting for me!