Keeping Your Files Organized

It’s always interesting when an old project comes back to you. Today, I began work again on a project that has been sort of in limbo since almost exactly a year ago. This was some of my early Flash work, so the code wasn’t particularly functional or elegant, but it worked. Now though, picking through it, I see a huge number of improvements that could have been made.

I have been dabbling in Flash ActionScript ever since I went to school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia for an animation major. Despite that, I really only had one serious class that went over coding for web design or Flash. Any other work I did during that time was my own, and I learned enough to get by, even going so far as to make a few web-based Flash games for freelance work when I lived in North Philadelphia. However, it wasn’t until I hit the 2-plus year mark, working here at Dynamic Digital Advertising, that I started to get the hang of Flash website design and coding efficiently. There are certain conventions that I now adhere to so that when I go back to a project I know exactly what was going on in the file. Plus, this helps any other coders who are jumping into your project get accustomed to where to find things and how to write their code in order to best make it “fit” with your structure.

Whenever working on a project, whether it be for web design, Flash animation, Flash coding, or even 3D animation or modeling, it is of utmost importance to keep all files and necessary objects neat and organized.