Leave Nothing

Yesterday in my blog I talked a little about bad commercials, and how it can hurt your company. It is worth mentioning that during that same viewing of Monday Night Football, I saw quite a few commercials that were absolutely effective. For instance, Nike has a run of football-related commercials (the “Leave Nothing” ads – click here for last year’s ad) which are expertly filmed, and each one I’ve seen has been professionally written to tell a story without dialogue, simply through the cinematics. The new “Leave Nothing” ad follows two children as they grow up, running around, playing sports, jumping over things, etc. It follows them all the way through childhood, and through their journey up into the NFL, where we see them collide on the field. It’s simple, but so effective for a 60-second TV spot that it really drives home just how important the combination of professional writing and excellent cinematography can be while working within the limited time budgets afforded by the framework of TV ads.

At DDA, we strive for that level of excellence in all our video production projects. Whether we are working with a limited time frame like a 30- or 60-second TV commercial, a limited file-size budget on a web or CD-ROM video, or within the short time afforded for a looping trade show video, we make sure that our clients are receiving the highest-quality, most effective digital video content available. Our team of expert writers can put together informative, exciting, and innovative scripts that both get attention and inform customers. And our professional film crew works face-to-face with clients to ensure that they are getting exactly the video that they need. At DDA, it’s about quality over all else. No cutting corners, no shortcuts — when it comes to video, DDA makes sure to leave nothing out.