Let’s Connect!

I love coming across new ways to work Flash. I am always learning, and it is really exciting whenever I find a new technique that I can use again and again. One such technique that I have found myself using on multiple occasions is Local Connection.

Local Connection is a great tool which I only learned about recently here at DDA while working on a flash objectamation website. What Local Connection (or LC) allows you to do is create “bridges” across multiple flash files, allowing them to communicate with each other without using Java or other external scripting.

Using an LC is useful in an app where you need to create an external control for your Flash. For instance, if you need a control panel outside of your flash movie (on the sidebar, or in a new window) you can use Local Connection. Additionally, you can open the flash in Internet Explorer, and the control in Firefox, and it will still work. You can even open the control locally and the swf on the web!

I’ve found quite a few uses for this technique in the last couple months, and I’m sure there will be more opportunities for me to use it in the future.  I can only hope to learn more techniques like this in the future, and expand my Flash coding skills to be able to create any type of site!