Let’s Get Medical!

We’ve been working on a cool Flash/3D animation hybrid for a Medical Industry website, which combines fast-loading Flash 9 capabilities with smooth 3D model renders to create a really cool button rollover effect. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on anything for a medical website, so it was interesting to work on creating graphical assets for use in the health care industry.

For proper Health Care IT training, our interactive training tools need to be informative, concise, and interesting. Our graphic design professionals do all the hard work making our medical websites look good, and then I go about putting them in motion. The focus here is on making a clean interface for trainees in the health care and medical industries to learn key skills in their field as informatively and efficiently as possible, without becoming boring. As you can imagine, it’s quite a challenge! But with years of experience and a staff of dedicated experts, its a challenge that DDA greets with a smile every day.