Level Up

Last week, one of my favorite sites on the web, Giantbomb.com (funny name, I know, but its a video game website) launched an impressive new feature; the quest system. The quest system rewards visitors for completing certain tasks inherent to using the website.

By writing blogs, game reviews, commenting on forums, searching for items, and adding to the site’s already massive video game Wiki database, users are awarded experience points much like a video game. And, like a video game, if you gain enough experience points you will “level up.” While there hasn’t been much word on what leveling up actually does, besides put a number in your profile, I think that the added status that very active users will achieve via the quest system is enough of an incentive for most bored video game nerds to contribute. It is a brilliant system that puts gamers’ own compulsive completionist tendencies to work in an extremely effective way.

The Quest System gave me ideas about some of the virtual medical training simulations we are and will be working on here at DDA. Wouldn’t it be cool for medical students, many of whom grew up in the “video game era,” to be able to complete quests, achieve XP, and level up while learning about and participating in their medical studies? Maybe they could choose to research on a database from their iPhones, iPads, or on any internet enabled PC.

A quest system embedded in a virtual medical training simulation could be a fun and interesting way to evoke a students curiosity in the next subject, or give them clues as to what their objectives within the virtual medical simulation are. An experience system could give them a sense of progress, and achievement, encouraging them to continue on. A leveling system could be a good way to judge whether or not a student is ready for advanced testing.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising we are always looking for ways to contribute to the Medical Training field. If you’re a medical professional seeking advanced new ways to get your specific field of study across to others, give DDA a try. We’ll set you up with a free quote!