Lightwave v9.5 part 2!

Last week I talked about some of the updates coming to the animation and IK controls in Lightwave V 9.5. I also hinted at the great new hair and fur plugins, which I will discuss in this post.

The plugin they are adding is based on Fiber Factory IV. FFIV’s creator, Jon Tindall, was hired by Newtek to implement the new plugin. They renamed it Fiber FX, and added a ton of new functionality. For those used to Fiber Factory, the original plugin, in its entirety, is included for free!

In Fiber FX (FFX,) multi-threaded volumetric processing is used to enhance render calculations. Also, you can now use the node editor to modify the look of the fibers.

All told, as a free addition to Lightwave 9, version 9.5 is, to me, one of the most exciting additions to any 3d program to date. Here’s hoping that v10′s additions will continue the free add-on trend!