Make Some Space!

I’m not one to brag, but this weekend to celebrate my birthday I went out and bought myself Rock Band for Xbox 360! Well, actually it was Rock Band 2, but the full instrument set and game is out there for only $100 – and I couldn’t pass that up!

With retailers trying to make space for all the new huge boxes coming out this holiday season (The Beatles’ Rock Band has its own set of instruments, as does Guitar Hero 5, Lego Rock Band, and Band Hero; and Tony Hawk’s Ride comes with an actual skateboard deck that you stand on) they’re marking down big box items like Rock Band 2 that are not even a year old.

$100 is less than half price for RB2, and it acts as a platform for so many other things. With the Rock Band 2 instruments, you can play Rock Band 1, Beatles Rock Band, or any of the Guitar Hero games, just with the discs (no more huge instrument boxes required.) Its crazy how much shelf space these things take up; its likely going to be a problem when everyone’s instruments start getting old and broken – we’ll have plastic drums and guitars choking up landfills everywhere.

At DDA, we do a bit of shelf space management ourselves. In designing a website or interactive portfolio, decisions have to be made as to which items are the latest and greatest, and which should be left in the digital “landfill.” Videos, 3D modeling and animation, Flash projects, writing, coding, graphic design; none are safe from the eventual culling made necessary by the creation of new, fresh content! Of course, we always keep all our work archived somewhere (and usually uploaded to the internet as well,) but as a matter of priority (or in creating a client portfolio) decisions have to be made. Just like the massive Rock Band boxes, there is only so much space to display everything; so out with the old and in with the new!