Making The Right Choice for Video

The holidays are coming up, and I need to start thinking about gift ideas. Thankfully, I only need to decide on a few really good gifts for a few special people, so I shouldn’t have to come up with too many ideas. It will be hectic this holiday season, for sure, but hopefully not for too long.

When choosing a gift for a loved one, it is important to pick just the right thing. The same goes for our clients choosing the components they want to include in their custom-made corporate or medical video content from DDA Video. With the state-of-the-art BYOV Machine, our clients can “Build Their Own Video,” choosing just the right ingredients for their customized web or analog videos from DDA. Just drag and drop — it’s that easy! Choose to have DDA handle as many or as few components of  your video as you like! Clients can pick any aspect of the video production process, including:



Full or Partial Services




Special Effects (FX)


CD-ROM and DVD Production

Disc Label & Case Design

So choose just one, a few, or choose it all! DDA Video is here and ready to help your business or medical practice grow with customized video content for broadcast or on the web. When it comes to video, at DDA Video you’ve already made the right choice.