Missing The Summer Already!

The weekend has come and gone, and despite the beautiful weather, I found myself mostly indoors. I’ve been cleaning up my stuff which, since I had moved back home, has been all over the place. With the help of my brother, Aunt and Uncle, we’ve gotten it pretty much squared away. Between that, getting a computer set up for my dad, and helping my girlfriend move back to college, however, I didn’t really have a whole lot of time to enjoy the weather.

Now I’m indoors at work, imagining sun, surf and sand. In reality I am researching ways to create my own water in Lightwave 3D. I found an interesting tutorial for simulating water effects in Blender. It goes really deep with it too, talking about particle types, particle physics simulations, and even base viscosity equations for different types of simulated liquids. It’s at least worth a shot, I think, to create realistic liquid simulations in 3d.

Next weekend is an extended weekend,  with DDA being closed next Monday for Labor Day. I’m definitely looking forward to that, and possibly getting a last visit in to the beach before the weather turns Fall.