Movies, 3D, and the Virtual Possibility

I’m always talking about games I’m playing and movies I’ve seen on this blog, and today is no exception.

I saw the new remake of Clash of the Titans in 3D this past weekend, and I must say I was disappointed. The plot and characters, as expected, were paper-thin.  The pacing was uneven, with what seemed to me to be a 3 to 1  boring part/action ratio. The special effects and action sequences would likely have been cool, if they weren’t all blurry thanks to the half-hearted 3D implementation. If you’re going to charge an extra $4 per ticket for 3D, at least have the decency to actually make it in 3D. CotT was more like a standard 2D film with a ton of motion blur.

Its disappointing to see 3D fail like this, because it has such potential in other areas. I think it is particularly interesting to look at its applications for the Medical field. I hope to see a day when we can use 3D technology to assist in Virtual Reality, Virtual Medical Simulations,  and Immersive Medical Training videos and websites. The concept would be sort of like a holodeck, but for doctors. Medical professionals could view patient anatomy and scans in high resolution 3D renders, at a realistic scale, from all angles. DDA Medical is paving the way toward making these virtual medical simulations easily available and accessible on the web, so when 3D technology is ready for us, we’ll be ready to get it out to as many doctors and medical professionals as possible!