Muffin Morning

I’m usually not a big muffin guy, but this morning for breakfast I had one from a bundle of breakfast treats that Judy had brought home the other day. Now in my previous experience, muffins tend to be small, crumbly things that leave you wishing you had a big glass of water. The top is usually OK, but the muffin “base” is usually flavorless and boring. Well imagine my surprise at this massive, moist muffin that combined big chunks of what appeared to be fresh apricots, whole cherries, delicious syrup, and swirls of cinnamon into a fantastic muffin experience that really brightened my morning. The base was just as good as the top, if not better, and I was licking my fingers in no time.

At DDA, we’re like that surprising muffin in a world full of dry, bland ones. We’ve got a muffin top chock full of delicious website design, animation, video production, integrated flash video, and print and brochure design. But we also back it up with our “base” of extremely effective Search Engine Marketing techniques, programming, copy writing, stellar customer service, and so much more. With DDA, you won’t just want the top – you’ll want the whole thing!