Music to my Ears

I know I’ve talked about Flash animation quite a bit in the last few posts, so I thought I would change it up a bit. This time, instead of animation, I’ll be talking about the composition and use of original music in animations.Most of the time, I find royalty free music that is pre-composed and fits the animation I’m working on. However, I think that when given the time and tools, composing your own loops or soundtrack can be not only fulfilling, but more effective.I’ve only composed a few tracks in my time as an animator, but each time it worked out much better than using canned tracks. I could custom-fit the music to the animation, which made for a smoother and more professional audio experience. What’s great about this too is that the music you make is limited only by the samples you have available, and even then you can use a keyboard or the virtual keyboard to create your own on the fly.My ideal sound experience would be to actually have a band or an orchestra available to me to sample from, or even better, I’d love to be able to compose something and record it that way. Knowing next to nothing about sheet music, though, (I played Baritone horn in Middle School, that’s about it) I think this would be a difficult feat. By no means would it be impossible – I can imagine you can digitally compose music by ear, and then have what you’ve created converted into sheet music for live recording. Man that would be fun!So that’s my opinion on music in animation. I want to go back now and see if I can find some of those cuts that I did in school. I loved creating them – lets hope they hold up!