My 5th of July Workout Regimen

This weekend was quite fun, and also a whole lot of work. I got a chance to party a little bit on Thursday and Friday, basically kicking back and shirking all responsibility for a couple of days for the 4th of July. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, it was back to work in order to get everything moved over to my new place.

My friend was nice enough to lend me his help, as well as use of his van on Saturday, so I was able to get everything in one go. I had plenty of space to set up – my new roommate didn’t have a whole lot of stuff apart from a pretty big TV and a few books and movies. I quickly loaded the bookshelves with video games, animated movies, DVDs, comic books, and Dungeons and Dragons core rulebooks. So basically, I nerded that joint out. What was cool, though, was that my new roommate is a little geeky too, and proceeded to bust out a few anime box sets and board games. I even got all my game  systems and my PC hooked up, so as soon as we get the Internet up, I’m ready for some hardcore online gaming sessions. What was once a nice, pristine, empty living room has been transformed into a geek’s heaven – Perfect for an animator like me!

I also received a kitten from my old landlord, whom I named Cat-face (the kitten, not the landlord. His name is David.) More on her exploits later, but let’s just say she’s really interested in wresting…with everything.