My Great Convention Road Trip

What a trip! I got back from Indiana late last night. I’ve been away on “vacation” for the past week and a half. I put “vacation” in quotes because for me, vacation is the time to do the work you don’t have time to do when you have to go to work. Between Otakon in Baltimore and GenCon in Indiana, I’ve traveled over 2,000 miles by car in the last 2 weeks! It was exhausting, but definitely rewarding.

These conventions were awesome for me, especially GenCon. It was really exciting to get inside the gaming industry like that. GenCon covers all types of gaming, from board gaming to tabletop war games, pen and paper role playing games, and video games. I met a ton of cool people, including one guy who worked for Electronic Arts for nine years and an author who co-created my favorite (and first) fantasy novel series, Dragonlance.

Being on the road left me exhausted, star-struck and a few bucks richer (hopefully this is my chance to build that new PC I’ve been wanting). It’s funny, but now that I’m back at work I feel like I can finally “refresh.” I look forward to getting back into my routine of working on Flash applications, 3d animation, and 3d modeling!