My Weekend – Batman, The Ocean and Cake!

I spent this weekend doing a variety of awesomely amazing things, like watching Dark Knight (Thursday,) visiting my Dad and hanging out with my best friend (Friday,) and going down to Ocean City for two days worth of sun and surf (Saturday and Sunday.)

First, the movie. I recommend that everyone go out and see The Dark Knight as soon as they can. Don’t bring your kids though – the film is rated PG-13, but it is easy to see that it barely makes that rating. The film’s strengths are heavy tension and the violent psyche of criminals like the Joker, who “just wants to watch the world burn.” Heath Ledger brings this character across perfectly, and it is a shame that it is the last performance of his that we’ll see. The cinematography was also amazing, with scenic pans of the city that would take full advantage of the film being shown in IMAX. Wouldn’t it be exciting to work on an IMAX film at DDA one day?

At home, I got to hang out with my Dad and brother (who also saw the movie with me), and see my friend who I haven’t hung out with in a little bit. We stayed up late, talked football and video games,  and then I had to get to bed since I was planning to get up at 6:30 to leave for Ocean City. Not to bad – I wake up at 6:30 for work at DDA every day, right?

So we got up at 8:00. Whoops! After grabbing some breakfast at the Country Kitchen (a place I hadn’t been to since I was a kid,) we took our hour and a half drive down to Ocean City. We checked into a room at 10 or so and went down on the beach. After swimming and then baking in the hot sun for a few hours, (my girlfriend was starting to look like a lobster), we decided to take a walk down the boardwalk, get some food, and hit some arcades.

We had some excellent luck on our trip, too. The weather was great for being by the ocean, the hotel guy gave us a deal on our room, and my girlfriend ended up finding a dress she wanted for 50% off. Traffic wasn’t bad, and we made it home in time to catch the tail end of my girlfriend’s cousin’s birthday party (read: free food and cake!) Altogether an amazingly eventful and fun weekend!

Well until I got home and saw that my computer had a virus, but that’s a different story!