No Rain Delays at DDA

Well, everyone’s talking about it so I might as well too — last night’s Phillies game was rained out in the 6th inning, and will be resumed Wednesday at the earliest. The delay doesn’t seem to be stressing Phillies fans too much though, and confidence is high that whenever they resume, we’ve got this game in the bag.

Rain delays are just a part of baseball, and the World Series is no exception. The players get a break, and get to go home early, dry off, and sleep. Granted, I’m positive none of the players wanted to go home last night — they’re likely more eager than the fans to get this thing over with and declare a winner already (at least, I bet the Phillies are — the Rays will need 3 more wins to take home the championship).

But at Dynamic Digital Advertising, we don’t have the luxury of our work getting rained out. We’re always here, week in and week out, Monday through Thursday, working hard on our copywriting, website buildout, site design, video production, animation, print production, interactive CD-ROM production,  interactive web applications, javascripting, video editing, or any of the other dozens of services that we offer. Our dedicated staff sees every project through to the end, no matter what the weather is like outside. If we just packed up and went home every time the temperature dropped below 30 degrees and the rain started coming down in droves, then we wouldn’t get very much done, now would we? Come rain, snow, sleet, or hail, DDA is there to make sure our client projects prevail!