Organization for Animation

When working on a project, we have to make double certain to keep our files organized in some fashion. The more organized your system, the easier it will be to go back and either retrieve resources from the project, or update the work if needed.

Recently I have been working on changing an animation that I did months ago. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the images I needed to change, or the 3D files that I needed to re-render. That probably would have been the case if it was a project from a year ago, when I first started working at DDA. Now, when I do an animation, I use an organizational system that works well for my style of animation.

Another reason to keep your things organized in animations would be to help any other animators that may work on that project. The easier and more intuitive your system, the easier other animators will be able to work with your assets, whether they be using them during the project or coming back to it on an archive CD way down the road.
So organize your files! You never know when you’ll need to go back to them!