Patching In: Digital Software Updates

Yesterday, after getting home, I spent most of the evening putting music back on my iPod. This was always a pretty cumbersome process; formerly, you would have to take the music that was on your computer and wait several hours while it formatted for your iTunes library. During this process it would create doubles of any files that were not originally mp3′s, such as files ripped from a CD. After deleting the doubles, you’d have to then wait while it converts and transfers to the iPod. Quite the extended process!

While it was a bit quicker than I expected last night, most of this process is still intact. In this day and age of software and firmware updates, you would think that Apple, of all companies, would have found a better solution by now. I mean, just look at other forms of software. Windows XP, as it exists today, is vastly different (and superior) to the original version released  seven years ago. Flash is iterated on all the time. And 3D programs, such as Lightwave 3D, as I have mentioned before, are updated with new plugins and systems that drastically alter and enhance the user experience.

The beauty of software on the PC is that it is in a constant state of flux – developers can see user feedback and, using that as a guide, can create new scripting, animation and modeling tools for the users. I love that we live in this world of digital downloads and updates – except for when I’m stuck waiting for updates that aren’t implemented yet (Apple!)