Plugins Save Lives! (Or Sometimes Just Kinda Make Things More Convenient)

I stumbled across an interesting Lightwave plugin last week called SG_Fertilizer, a simple script that allows you to set a weight map on an object and then “grow” it from its start point into the full object. When used right, you can “grow” trees, tentacles, or anything else you can think of out of a single point or area of points. To explain; lets say you had a tree branch you wanted to grow out from a trunk. You simply model the entire branch in modeler, then set the weight map value of the points that intersect with the trunk to 0% (meaning no weight map is applied there).  Then set the rest of its points to 100%. Then we just apply the plugin in Layout and viola! A growing branch.

I’m constantly amazed by the kinds of powerful tools everyday users create with open source plugin software like Lightwave.  It’s really useful to 3D modelers like myself to have a constant source of ever-evolving, versatile tools helping me do everything from 3D modeling, 3D animation, texturing, lighting, faster rendering, and any number of other processes a 3D software suite can handle. At DDA, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to bring more creativity and ability to our 3D animations and modeling. With our extensive experience creating 3D models and rendered animations, we’re confident we’ve got just the right combination of experience and software to bring that extra something to your next corporate or medical 3D animation job!