Preserving Newtonian Physics (Kind of)

Sometimes you just get caught up doing something, and forget about anything else. That happened to me today with my blog post. I came in with the full intention of first doing my task list and blog, and then continuing with the 3d modeling and animation project that I have been working on for DDA. But when I couldn’t think of anything to write, I went ahead with the work. The trouble is, I found it hard to stop.

I made good progress with the model, solving a tricky morph target problem with the animation and working with Jake to get the camera matching right. We are using a 3d model and environmental piece composite with live actors and a green screen, and we have a program that helps us match the movements of the live action camera  with those of the camera in 3d space.

Without camera matching, the final project would end up very visually confusing, as it would appear that objects and actors are sliding all over the place independent of one another, breaking the laws of physics. And at DDA, the last thing we want to do is transcend space and time to overcome universal constants such as gravity, friction and inertia. Although, if we could do that, think of all the amazing forms of marketing, design and advertising we could complete! Stopping time to finish projects, creating endless streams of digital bandwidth, there would be no limit to what we could accomplish for our clients! I guess we had better get started…fire up After Effects and Lightwave, and lets see what kinds of physical laws we can shatter today!