Replace Every 3,000 Miles

I dropped my car off at the mechanic today, for a state inspection that should have taken place five months ago. I’m not worried; the car’s not even two years old, even if it already has 36,000 miles on it. Yeah, I drive a lot.

In a lot of ways, working on a corporate or medical website at DDA is like working at an auto mechanic shop that also doubles as a dealership, and (triples?) as a manufacturer. We come up with the initial concept designs for any medical or corporate marketing and training tools our clients in the Philadelphia area and beyond may need. When we have a working model, something that our client is satisfied with, we then go on to manufacture it, doing website design, site buildout, writing copy, scripts, animation, video production — you name it. Then, when it’s complete and we have a fully-functioning, professionally designed medical or corporate training and/or marketing website, we can stick around, performing regular maintenance on it like a well-tuned vehicle. Whether this includes keeping a client’s information up to date, fixing late-appearing bugs, making content tweaks, or transferring the site to the most high-tech, fastest servers available, DDA can be there like a reliable mechanic to perform regular inspections and tune-ups.

Just like you might have replaced your 15-year old Studebaker with a shiny new 2009 Camry or Accord, check out DDA to update your dusty old corporate or medical website!