Seals and Penguins and Beaches, Oh My!

This weekend I went on my own to Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Sometimes, it’s nice to go out, alone, without anybody rushing you along, and really take your time to look at something. Jenk’s is a small aquarium, but I really enjoyed taking the time to watch the seals, sharks, and alligators as they went about their day. I also arrived right around feeding time for the penguins, which was fun to watch. The penguin tank at the aquarium is especially cool in design, since they put the penguins’ ground level right about at our eye level, putting the penguins really close to the viewer so you can observe them really well.

I take a great deal of relaxation from getting out and viewing nature. Despite the rain, this weekend also found me walking along the beach and enjoying the sound of the churning ocean. Last week I had had a really bad cold, and the fresh sea air seemed to help a lot in clearing that out.

In addition, with Sunday being Father’s Day, I finished putting together my dad’s computer and set it up for him. It turns out it did need a new power supply; a shame since the old one I had used was pretty beefy (and not all that old.)

Overall, a pretty busy and interesting weekend. Seeing the animals in the aquarium made me want to hit up the Philadelphia Zoo sometime soon and bring along a sketchpad, like I used to in college. Live drawing from models and animals is a great way to keep my fine arts skills up, which translates into better 2D animations, 3D modeling, and 3D animations here at DDA. Now, back to a week of work modeling medical objects in 3D, coding a Flash interactive training simulation, adding on to the new DDA Medical Smart Site, and working on some textures for another 3D project I’m doing.