Seasonal Transitions and New Ideas

There’s something about the crazy transition to spring that makes the weather just go nuts. I mean, really crazy. Yesterday morning I awoke to a rainstorm, which brought with it the wonderful smell of rain on asphalt (believe it or not, it’s one of my favorite smells. It reminds me of summer.) Then, in the afternoon as I went out into the backyard, it was in the mid-60s, cloudless, and sunny — truly a beautiful day. Not two hours later I heard a crash on my windowsill — I look outside to see the sky is now green and it is hailing fiercely. I threw open my blinds and just sat in front of my big window watching the jellybean-sized balls of ice come at me. After only a few minutes, it was over, and the weather changed back to rain. So much for March going out like a lamb, eh?

The seasonal transition isn’t just a time for crazy weather, though. There’s spring cleaning, the perfect time to empty out your house and prepare for a fresh start. Going from winter to spring is a time for rebirth and renewal in ideas and businesses, and at DDA we have a lot of cool plans for the Medical IT world and corporate businesses alike. Our video department specializes in coming up with new and creative ways to do websites, digital video, animations, interactive training CD-ROMs, and stand-alone programs. And as nature makes its transition from dark, dreary winter to sunny, warming spring, so too should you make the transition to Dynamic Digital Advertising’s unique brand of digital media production.