Secret Agent Video

Last week my girlfriend and I went to see the new James Bond flick. The last two movies (starring Daniel Craig) have been a real reinvention for the series, which was previously (in the Pierce Brosnan era) all about fancy gadgets, fast cars, and big explosions. While those elements are still there to a certain extent (the intro scene in the latest movie being a prime example), the newer films focus more on the character of Bond, and how much of himself he must lose to become an agent in the service of MI-6.

I was intrigued by the cinematography in these more recent Bond films, more so than probably any of the others that had come before. From the throwback black-and-white intro scene in Casino Royale to the several metaphorical jump-cut sequences in Quantum of Solace (a chase scene interspersed with a horse race, for example), the choices the director and cinematographer made added a lot to the more sophisticated Bond films of today.

It is pretty obvious that a good director can mean everything to any video project. Whether it’s a full-length feature movie, a TV show, a commercial, corporate or medical training video, or anything else, the choices the director makes can mean the difference between boring and brilliant. At DDA, our directors bring creativity and energy to every project, from the simplest website advertisement to the most complicated interactive medical training video. Even when the project calls for something clean-cut and simple, our expert video department brings a certain elegance that is rarely found in corporate and medical videos anywhere else. For expert, professional corporate and medical video that’s definitely going in the right direction, let DDA Video do the hard work for you!