See the Difference

There’s a poster that hangs here at DDA which simply says, “Don’t be afraid to be different.” It depicts a line of pencils, points up, with just one free-thinking pencil in the middle who is daring to sit the opposite way, eraser up. I think that pencil is a good metaphor for the employees here at Dynamic Digital Advertising, as well as for DDA itself.

When I first came to DDA, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was my first time in an office setting, so I was prepared for the worst as far as arbitrary rules, regulations, and restrictions. I didn’t really want to repress who I was at the cost of keeping a job, but if that’s what it took to get some experience in the industry, that was what I was prepared to do. Imagine my surprise when I met David and Elizabeth, who have got to be two of the nicest, most forward-thinking people in business today. At DDA, we are encouraged to express ourselves in everything we do. Our writers make scripts and Search Engine Marketing content dynamic and exciting, while our expert video production crew brings an elegance to video content that’s only normally found in Hollywood production studios. Our graphic designers use color and composition in creative and daring new ways every day, so your product packaging, medical instructions pamphlet, or brochure is smart, professional, and different. And our website programmers are second-to-none in the greater Philadelphia area for offering innovative support and solutions for complicated IT and software needs.

In the year-and-a-half or so that I have been here, I’ve  expressed my creative side through numerous client and internal projects. From DDA’s viral hit “Inside Out Man,” to instructional videos for TraumaCure’s product WoundStat, to an animated nicotine patch superhero, I’ve been able to really get creative in a lot of ways here at DDA. The next time you need animation for your medical company or business, remember that DDA is different — in a good way!