Share Nicely, Vista!

Setting up a render farm for Lightwave 3D takes a ton of research, a magic touch when it comes to networking, and a whole lotta patience.

Windows Vista seems to be quite temperamental when it comes to allowing other computers to write and edit files on its root drive. I don’t mean just a little bit, either; if an XP machine was a small dog (a chihuahua, say) and my Vista machine were a pit bull, and the former approached the latter, the resulting aftermath would be pretty much as expected.

Whenever you’re trying to get machines access to write to the other’s root directory, things will (for obvious reasons) be a bit tough to get working. After all, if it were super easy to allow full access to your directory, then hackers could have a field day on your files. At the same time, if you are on a secure private network, and are trying to fully share only with other machines that you have full access to, it shouldn’t make you jump through hoops.

But for now, I have no choice. I must jump through the hoops of Vista’s crazy network rules and fake permissions (so when you click “Allow Full Access,” and check “Everyone,” why is it that not everyone has full access?) Let’s just hope Vista doesn’t decide to light those hoops on fire and chase me through them with lions.