Sharing Digitally

With all this new sharing technology we have through the Internet, it’s really just a matter of how much you want the world to know about you. I can go online, for instance, and create a radio station that plays only my favorite music, or what I’m currently listening to, and share that link with friends and anyone else who’s interested. I can post pictures, video, even liveblog my day from my cell phone. So where does this stuff take an advertising, marketing and design company like DDA? I’ll tell you where — directly to the client.

At DDA and DDA Medical, we can work hand-in-hand with clients every step of the way to ensure delivery of a quality animation, video, website, or interactive training tool. We can accomplish this using all this sharing technology; live video feed directly from our conference room, conference calls with GoToMeeting, so you can see and interact with our desktop and vice-versa, or through shared remote access IT help. We also work directly with  our clients live in your office or ours. For the best customer service and support through shared technology, look no further than DDA and DDA Medical!