Small Companies Can Still Get Big Results

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time lately with a PC game called Mount & Blade. It’s kind of a blunt, obscure title, certainly, but the story behind the game’s development is far from ordinary. You see, the game was started (and mainly developed by) two people living in Turkey, a husband and wife. They began the testing process very, very early, with a free version of the Alpha stage of the game’s development available to the gaming community. Based on community feedback, the pair continued to implement changes to the game until a more refined version of it was released for $10 (which then unlocked for free any further developed content for those users in the future).

From there, they got enough customers to basically invest in their own game, and continue development for a couple years. Eventually, they got a publishing deal and were able to release a retail box copy of the game at around $30, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped working on it yet. Additionally, they have a very loyal community who releases free expanded content almost constantly. It’s really an amazing game, especially when you consider it was developed by such a small team. It really proves that as long as you have a solid marketing strategy, you can succeed no matter how small your business’ budget might initially be.

At DDA, we specialize in creating effective and efficient marketing strategies while keeping your business’ budget in mind and under control. We’re the best at making your presence known on the internet, with specialized Search Engine Marketing techniques that will keep your company’s name on the top of the list. We’ve also got an expert video studio (which I’m proud to be a part of) that regularly creates amazing video, animations, interactive media for the web and CD-ROMs, CD-ROM training tools for the medical and corporate industry, websites, Flash interactives, 2D and 3D animations, 3D models for production, and basically anything else you can think of that involves hard work and a computer.

With DDA, you’ll be able to take on seemingly unbeatable odds … you know, like this guy!

Did I win?