Smart Marketing

Today marks the release of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Sure to sell millions of copies in its first week, its a game that hardly needed any marketing or advertising. The product will be fantastic, and people know it. That didn’t stop Activision, Infinity Ward’s parent company, from putting out some killer trailers for it, though.

With a product so tight, even though the company probably doesn’t need a huge ad campaign to sell it, they still invest in marketing. Why is that, you ask? Its just smart business! Even though tons of people played (and still play) the first Modern Warfare from 2007, not everybody knows about the impending release of the sequel. Parents just starting their Christmas shopping are exposed to the commercials during Prime Time Football, commuters notice the posters on their bus shelters, and gamer geeks see the ads plastered all over their favorite game news sites. Saturation is the name of the game, and its a heavy handed tactic that’s super effective, if only for companies with a ton of money.

But what happens if you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on heavy handed marketing? You have to be smart about it. Well, it just so happens that Dynamic Digital Advertising specializes in just the kind of smart marketing that’s plugged in to the way the world works today. We use intelligent Search Engine Marketing techniques that will keep your product or company on the front page of your customer base’s search habits. We’ve also got an extremely creative and intelligent team working on integrated video, interactive Flash sites, and groundbreaking web design on a daily basis, focusing your companies marketing efforts on the right people at the right time. Even if you’ve got a product that sells itself, contact us for a quote and let us do the smart marketing for you!