“Snap” to it!

A draftsman uses rulers. An architect uses levels. A digital artist uses “Snap” tools.
For our projects at DDA, we strive to be “Pixel Perfect.” That means mastering and using all the tools within a program to keep our work accurate.

In Flash, you can create guide lines to the exact pixel needed for your work, and have all lines and images “snap” to those guides.

In Lightwave, you can dial in exact X, Y, and Z coordinates to place an object exactly where you want it in 3d space. There is also a reference grid that you can size however you want by accessing the Display Preferences dialog box, by pressing “d” in Layout. Lightwave also allows you to snap to this grid.

Whether working in Flash, Photoshop, Lightwave, or any other digital media creation program, it is important to use the tools available to properly measure and layout projects, ensuring complete accuracy for any piece of digital art.