Spring Awakening

Spring has indeed sprung, and I’m on a new kick to begin exercising regularly once again. Judy got me started over the weekend with a free day-pass to a local gym, and I’m all excited to lose this pizza-baby I got going on at my waist – and keep it lost. Going to the gym and running these past few days has renewed my vigor and shaken off the winter lethargy that every year tends to follow me well into the spring weather.

Spring is also the time to invest in new projects, it seems! At DDA, we’re fielding proposals daily, kicking off new medical websites and medical training simulation projects, organizing and running live webcast and streaming video events for clients, and continuing work on long-running medical projects such as advanced eLearning platforms for local computers, CD/DVD-ROM, and the web. And while we may be busy, we’re always interested in helping your corporate or medical organization come up with stellar new project ideas that push the limits of what you thought a digital project could be. So contact us and request a quote today!