Streaming for Charity

So these guys are doing something awesome; by playing Super Mario Bros. video games for (at the time of this writing) over 95 hours, they’ve raised more than $28,000 for the Child’s Play charity. It’s a truly noble endeavor, and at this point they’ve been through 2 runs of each game on their list, the first just to beat the game, and the second to get a 100% completion rating on each (collecting all stars in Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, or seeing all levels in the original Super Mario Bros., Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Bros. 3).

These guys all work together in web development, and its cool that their experience with web streaming let them set up a fairly reliable webcast that displays to donors a cam of them while playing, as well as screen capture from the game they are currently on. It also is linked to their Twitter feed, and to Ustream chat, so fans and donors can message them in real time, asking questions and making them do embarrasing things like “The Mario Dance” (with Captain Lou Albano!). All in all they’ve got a pretty complicated setup running in a pretty simple fashion.

It’s amazing how much of a help 3rd-party software can be to web development. These guys are combining Ustream’s streaming video service with a program that allows users to connect multiple webcams and inputs and lay them out in a window, which then translates to any output program (like Ustream.) At DDA, we use similar cutting-edge technology to host web streaming content such as conferences, student training, web meetings, and demonstrations all over the globe. With DDA’s interactive web streaming expertise, you can take your corporate or medical organization to new heights, connecting to others via the web for marketing purposes, internal conferences and more.