Taking a Work-Break

I’ve talked before about how many various responsibilities and jobs each member of the team at DDA has to juggle each day. You might have found yourself asking, “How do they do it? Wouldn’t that get really stressful and difficult?” Actually, though, it is quite the opposite. Having different project options just gives you another way to take a break from something you’ve been struggling with.

When I am really stuck on something in a project, sometimes I just need to take my mind off of it for a moment. The best way to do that here at DDA is to work on something else! I call it a work-break. Say I am stuck trying to find some good images to use for a Flash CD-ROM animation project. After a while, it’s all pictures swimming around in my head, and it becomes difficult to focus. So to step back for a bit, I may go and set up a 3D render. Or, I may work on a little bit of Actionscript coding for a Web Design project. Then, when I come back to finding images, I have “cleansed the palette,” so to speak. I am refreshed and ready to finish that part of the project.

So the next time you get stuck on something, try giving yourself a work-break! You may be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to work out that pesky problem that you had been struggling through before.