The Browser Conundrum

Working to support multiple web browsers can be a real nightmare. I have been working on a Flash project for the last month or so that involves Flash’s localConnection method to function. localConnection is a coding method that lets one Flash file or website communicate with another. It works great when you need to have some sort of control operate from outside of your main Flash file, like a remote control outside of a Flash video player, or when you need a way to communicate from a nested .swf to its parent movie. The latter is what I’ve been doing.

It’s been working great, until just in the past couple of days. Laura let me know that the file was not always displaying all its items properly in Internet Explorer. I usually test in Firefox, so I didn’t notice this. After testing it in IE for myself, I saw that it wasn’t loading the image that it needed to load the first time you opened it. On subsequent visits, if an image had been loaded it would be cached, so it would usually appear. But we need it to work the first time.

This is something that is still in progress. We strive to create the best corporate or medical website for our clients, and to do that we must test everything we work on in multiple browsers and on many different hardware setups. It is important that we keep our work, especially our websites, scalable so that they can be viewed on any number of machines. Through research, repeated testing, and a persistent confidence in our abilities, our Flash websites are sure to work on a variety of configurations.