The Difference is Subtle; http:// vs www

The Internet can have some crazy quirks sometimes. For example, why was it yesterday that when I uploaded a Flash file, its embedded links worked fine at the “www” address, but, despite being the same working Flash on the same working page, all the page links failed on the http:// address?

I’m not sure what causes this, but I  spent a little time trying to look up the problem and some solutions. One possible issue might be the pathing of the html file and the relative position of the Flash. I put the Flash swf into the same directory as the html page though, which seemed at the time like it should definitely solve the problem. I guess it’s OK though — our programming generally makes it so users can navigate to the web pages via our links, and we can hard code them accordingly. Regardless of link functionality though, the Flash animation still works, which is important. It would just be nice to know that if someone types the URL directly into the browser and either intentionally or accidentally omits the “www” prefix, it would still work. I’ll continue to look into it, though. Meanwhile, it’s back to work on my 3D animation, 3D modeling, 2D Flash animation, Flash ActionScript Programming, Website design, and build out, and much, much more here at DDA!