The First D is for Dynamic!

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we work with a lot of different clients who have an idea for a project, but an unclear vision about exactly how to bring it to life. When a client changes their mind about a certain design element, aesthetic or aspect of a project, we need to be ready to adapt and roll with it.It is very tempting to let out an exasperated sigh when, after weeks of work on a project (which the client themselves have approved) they decided to change it all up. The first name in our company, though, is Dynamic, and that’s exactly what we are. If a client suddenly has a revelation, whether it be an idea for a design change or a total rework of the project, we are ready to implement the changes and make the process as smooth as possible.

So while I won’t say that having to scrap work and re-do an aspect of a project is one of my favorite things to do, I do understand that it is necessary, and comes with the job. At DDA, we stress the fact that we are flexible and willing to work with our clients to ensure the most streamlined production process possible. If it helps the end product to be the best it can be, we are willing, and more than able to work with it and make it happen.