The “Key” to Visual Effects

Last week, I got out to an early viewing of the new Wolverine movie. It was good, overall; story, acting, and for the most part, special effects were all passable. However, there were a few effects that weren’t quite up to current Hollywood standards. For example, there are some lighting issues with the 3D for Wolverine’s claws that never seemed present in the other X-Men movies. There’s one scene in particular where they just look … fake. There were a few weird lighting issues, too, in scenes where the background behind the actors and set pieces were obviously green-screened. I don’t mean to sound picky, and it is true that most of the film’s special effects were in fact really, really good. But for a high-budget Hollywood action movie like this, you do tend to expect some sort of consistency. I’d have to say what gave it away more than the actual keying itself was the lighting, which is critical to digitally simulating an environment around an actor or object.

At DDA, we work with top of the line keying and greenscreen equipment every day to produce our professional quality corporate and medical videos. Our video department also excels in other areas, too, like webcasting services and live streaming video. We also produce quality work for CD-ROM interactives, documentaries, DVDs, and websites. Try getting that out of a high-budget Hollywood studio at an affordable price! Add in animation (both 2D and 3D), graphic design, programming, writing, and on-location video shoots, and DDA is the total package!