The World Wide Web – Its Always On

Last night I was downloading a new game from Steam, which took about an hour or so (it clocked in at 15GB.) After waiting what seemed like an eternity I could finally install and play this game… or so I thought. Just after I launched the game, our router disconnected (it has a loose power plug) and the launch sequence locked up.

Here’s the thing; Steam requires you to be online to play most of the games you get from there. I can understand why this is done; as a countermeasure to prevent software piracy. Its the same reason that most newer copies of Windows require some sort of online authentication tool in order to install them.

Its just crazy to me that there’s enough of a percentage of people in the world who not only have access to the internet now, but have these constant online connections that even make software piracy countermeasures like Windows’ and Steam’s authentication tools possible. When I stop taking the fact that I’m always online for granted, I suddenly realized how much its like something from a sci-fi movie.

We’ve all got this incredibly powerful technology on our hands, that’s really only been around for the last twenty years or so, yet it already seems so far advanced. We can use it for games, work, research, advertising, videos, networking, communication, education – the possibilities are endless, and at DDA we are coming up with new ways to harness those possibilities every day. Live webcasts with clients. Interactive web training tools. Flash websites that integrate video and animation to create a dynamic user experience. These are just a few of the things that DDA does that helps our clients stay connected through this great technology.

Oh, and before I go – yes, I did get to play my game. Just had to plug back in the router!