Trekkie (Or Trekker) Technology At DDA

I haven’t seen it yet, but as an avid moviegoer and science fiction fan, I’m planning to go see the new Star Trek movie sometime this week. Watching the previews, it really makes me think a bit about the technologies that were present in the series as early as the 1970s, which are actually real working technologies today.

For example, their communicators. The telltale sound and walkie-talkieness of the small handheld devices is remarkably similar to the mobile phones people use today. Space travel is becoming more and more common, with the main cost of it really going into the fuel we use to get up there (which is lessening every day as we research and learn new ways to harness clean energy). And while we can’t yet teleport around or use a machine to materialize apples,  we do have the ability to utilize video conferencing over great distances.

Though our viewscreens don’t look out into space when they’re not on, DDA can itself offer webcasting services, live on-location web streaming, streaming video services, and on demand webcasts. With all this communication technology so readily available, it’s no wonder DDA is an industry leader in bringing marketing to the 21st Century!