Two Windows into the 3d World

One of the things about Lightwave that I like best is its ability to seamlessly swap models into an animated scene, while retaining the animation that was originally there.

Lightwave uses 2 different programs – Modeler and Layout. At first, this was very intimidating for me since I was coming from 3d Studio Max, which uses just one program for modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, and everything else. I eventually grew used to using Modeler and Layout separately, though; once you figure out which program performs which functions, you can start to think of them as two windows that are open in the same program. Using my dual monitor setup, I can even model and animate with a side-by-side comparison of the original model and the rigged and animated final product.

Lightwave is a very powerful tool for 3d animation and 3d modeling. I am really glad to have gotten the opportunity to learn to use it here at DDA – with it, I can create 3d animations more quickly and efficiently than I could have before.