Vacation and Animation

Its finally August, and I’ve been busy making plans for my upcoming trip to Florida. We’re driving down to Miami to see my mom, who lives there on Miami Beach. Arrangements haven’t been too hard so far; really we’ve just been focused on booking a nice hotel to stay at, and figuring out what we want to do. I think we’ll play it by ear though; I find its generally more fun to be impulsive when I’m on vacation.

I spent a little bit of time Sunday looking into Flash CS4, and in particular the IK rigging plugin. Flash has always had the capability to “pin” pivot points of objects together, allowing you to make puppeted characters for animation and interaction. There have been many physics plugins available for these types of rigs, adding everything from ragdoll physics to interactive IK rigs that run in ActionScript 2. Now, CS4′s built-in IK solver class allows anyone to create IK rigs that can be animated and/or used interactively by the user as part of a video game, cd-rom or web interactive, or even a corporate or medical training tool. And while it seems like its a little bit of a complicated class to use, I’m definitely going to continue looking into it and look forward to appying it in future DDA projects!