Video Editing in the Cloud

I just recently heard about this cool program called JayCut. It is a set of video editing software that runs in your browser. It is Flash-based, super easy to use, and best of all? It’s free.

Well, I guess I should say it is free with some restrictions. You can only upload 2GB of video to use in your projects, and I believe it puts some sort of export cap on you per month as well. There are paid versions though too, with less limiting factors, but the very idea that this software exists that allows you to upload and edit video in the “cloud” is tantalizing. You can start work at one computer, and then without any sort of removable storage or spec-checking, you can continue your work on any other web-enabled computer, anywhere. It also easily exports to .avi, .mov, Youtube (yeah it can upload it for you too) and many other formats.

Imagine having access to other media editing software online in such a fashion! I’m picturing a robust 3D modeling and animation tool that lets me adjust a virtual medical simulation project that I had been working on at work, from home, without having had to upload it to my FTP first! How about streaming your audio editing, image editing and graphic design, or even 3d rendering using “cloud” computing power instead of a local render farm? Communal computing may very well be in the future!