Watch for Falling Sparks!

Well, we’re back from a long holiday weekend here at DDA, and I hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as much as I enjoyed mine. I started off visiting my dad (who’s in the hospital) on Thursday, following up with a party in my hometown with my brother. It wasn’t bad, though I was a bit disappointed that my cousin’s band, Might Makes Right, couldn’t play there since two of the members were on a mission trip.

Following that, the rest of the weekend was all burgers and fireworks, as I watched people in the street try and set them off without blowing off any hands or hitting any passing cars (I watched them fail a few times at the latter.) All in all, it was a good time to relax and take my mind off recent stresses; something we’re usually helping our clients do here at DDA!

Our goal at DDA is to make our clients feel like they’re on vacation. We’ll do the hard part; you just tell us what you want and relax. We’ve got you covered! With customer service that’s second to none, you can trust our expert staff to create the websites, interactive games, 3D models, 3D animations, 2D animations, interactive web video, corporate and medical training tools, and other interactive media for you! So kick back, grab a beer and a burger, and enjoy yourself while DDA makes the fireworks happen!